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Junior Vision Group


The overall goal of our research endeavour is an improved understanding of the phenomenal, or conscious, aspects of visual perception. To that end it needs to be tested whether, or under what conditions, experiments measuring appearance, e.g. subjective aspects of visual perception, and those measuring discrimination performance, e.g. objective aspects regarding sensitivity, yield consistent and mutually predictable results. This is important, because quantitative models of (phenomenal) perception are often constrained by data attained with experiments measuring discrimination performance.

The majority of studies on that question suggest that subjective and objective measures probe different mechanisms, and thus understanding of one aspect contributes little to understanding the other. In order to test how subjective and objective aspects of visual perception are related we are working on the following interrelated subprojects:

  • Employment of photo-realistic images as stimuli instead of simplified stimulus arrangement.
  • Adaptation of experimental paradigms to measure appearance and discrimination performance under comparable conditions.
  • Implementation of existing computational models of lightness perception in order to identify their strengths and limitations based on the data we collect with our experimental paradigms and stimuli.


Volunteers for Experiments

Our research depends on volunteers who are willing to participate in our experiments. We are looking for people who have

  • normal or corrected visual ability (glasses or contact lenses)
  • full age (18 or older)
  • motivation and ability to concentrate for ~ 1 hour
  • some general curiosity in the workings of our brain 

The experiments will require you to watch visual stimuli on a computer monitor. Your task is typically to judge certain aspects of the visual stimuli and press a reponse button accordingly. Participation is reimbursed with 8.00Euro/hour which will be paid at the completion of the experiment.

If you are interested in becoming an experimental observer please write an email to our lab assistant .

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