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TU Berlin

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Filip Vercruysse

Filip Vercruysse

Room MAR 5.016

Tel.: +49 30 314 24391


Nothing in neocortical computation makes sense except in light of integrating sensory information with stored representations of the world

Filip Vercruysse studied chemical engineering at the University of Ghent before obtaining a PhD in Neuroscience from the École Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. He has a background in both experimental and computational neuroscience and is deeply interested in the role of top-down processes, i.e. expectation, attention, contextual modulation, on sensory representation. He uses computational and theoretical methods to understand the consequences of long-range top down connections on local network dynamics and how this increases the information transfer in primary sensory systems. The key circuit elements of his networks are inspired by close collaboration with the experimental group of the Larkum laboratory (Humbold university) and include 1) dendritic processes, 2) interneuron circuits and 3) synaptic mechanisms.

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