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TU Berlin

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Modelling of Cognitive Processes


We investigate the neuronal basis of cognitive abilities such as perception, learning and memory, and decision making. To this end, we use mathematical and computational methods to bridge gaps between the microscopic level of synapses, neurons and neuronal networks and the cognitive level. A particular focus lies on how changes on the neuronal level — for example synaptic plasticity — allow our brain to dynamically adjust to environmental requirements. The junior research group of Marianne Maertens uses psychophysical and computational methods to study the principles of visual perception. 


  • Our manuscript Learning place cells, grid cells, and invariances with excitatory and inhibitory plasticity has been accepted for publication by eLife.
  • We have two open postdoc positions. For details, check out the Jobs page. 
  • Our application within the collaborative research grant on "Mechanisms and Disturbances in Memory Consolidation" was successful! Thanks to the DFG for this great opportunity.




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