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Junior Vision Group


Perception research aims to explain how the perceptual system generates meaningful perceptual
categories from a given sensory stimulation. Figure 1 shows a powerful demonstration of the
functioning principles of the visual system. While it is almost impossible to perceive anything
meaningful in Figure 1A, the visual system readily interprets the sensory input into perceptually
meaningful categories in Figure 1B, where the cause of the fragmentation of the sensory input
is visible as well. The goal of my research is to understand the computational principles on the
basis of which the visual system generates meaning from the sensory input.

The goal of our research is to understand the phenomenal, or conscious, aspects of visual perception given a particular sensory stimulation at the retina. Using well designed experimental stimuli we characterize visual performance quantitatively and qualitatively. This requires continuous development of methods of stimulus presentation and data analysis. We build quantitative models of (phenomenal) perception that are constrained by data obtained from our experiments.

Volunteers for Experiments

Our research depends on volunteers who are willing to participate in our experiments. We are looking for people who have

  • normal or corrected visual ability (glasses or contact lenses)
  • full age (18 or older)
  • motivation and ability to concentrate for ~ 1 hour
  • some general curiosity in the workings of our brain 

The experiments will require you to watch visual stimuli on a computer monitor. Your task is typically to judge certain aspects of the visual stimuli and press a reponse button accordingly. Participation is reimbursed with 8.00Euro/hour which will be paid at the completion of the experiment.

If you are interested in becoming an experimental observer please write an email to our lab assistant .

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